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Secret Cheeseburger

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

You have to get used to a lot of weird things when you move in with somebody.

Meals and meal times change, the decor of the house changes and there are suddenly different tv preferences (I have now seen a lot of American Pickers and Pawn Stars, however I do make Dave watch the bachelor so it evens out).

One thing we had to get used to was eating together at the same time.

This was in the first few weeks of moving in together.

We both had got in to certain habits. I was adamant we must eat all our meals together, a thought i have since relaxed and Dave was very used to eating whenever he wanted.

It was late afternoon, a couple of hours before dinner time.

I was just thinking about what I would prepare for a delicious and scrumptious dinner,

and had specifically told Dave not to eat so he wouldn't spoil his supper.

While I was scrolling through the internet for recipes, a ground beef smell wafted through to the bedroom where I was sitting.

I walked through to find Dave halfway through a home cooked cheeseburger.

Without saying a word, I looked at him.

'What? I was hungry!' He lamented, tormented by the guilt of the cheeseburger eating.

I was pretty god damn angry.

'How could you do this?!' I scolded him

' I needed to eat now!'he replied in desperation

'Well you could have had a snack!' I said feeling defeated.

My now perfect dinner was ruined by this secret cheeseburger.

We have since got into a routine and settled into the best way for us, but those first few weeks can throw up really stupid arguments about ordinary things.

It does take a while however, I would not be surprised if one day in the future I was graced with the presence of another secret cheeseburger.

Over and out...


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