• Rachel White Gordon

Starter Guide for Brits in the US

The US of A. What a great nation, it has brought us many amazing things, such as delicious Buffalo Wings, Coca Cola and George Clooney etc.

But what makes this country what it is?

Here are some tips about some distinct differences that I have noticed since living here for the last 2 years.

The first one is a big one.

If somebody compliments you on your bum bag by saying 'nice fanny pack'

,don't be offended.

It is not as hugely inappropriate as it seems.

'Fanny' in American language means 'bum'.

The same cannot be said for what it means in Britain....

An awkward conversation around the dinner table was once had in Scotland, when Dave was visiting...

If somebody says 'Come and hang out in our back yard for a cook out!'

It may sound like you are going to have cooking competition in a concrete court yard.

They are actually talking about their garden,

and a BBQ they want you to attend.

A good response would be ' That sounds great, Can't wait to have some hot dogs!'

Americans think that the word Jumper instead of sweatshirt, is hilarious.

'But you don't jump into it!' or 'It's a sweater!',

have been some responses.

You might get shouts of 'Oh Jumper!',

in the style of beloved British TV show 'The Inbetweeners',

if someone says it over here.

A Milky way in the United States is actually a Mars Bar.

You may get a shock, if you bite into one without this knowledge.

Pickles are everywhere!

and after some initial hesitation, I have found they are now delicious.

I feel this is part of integrating into American Culture.

Nobody says the H in Herbs!

And all of them sound completely different, except parsley!

Hello Cilantro (Coriander), Basil (Bay-sil) , Oregano (Oreg an no).

And while were on that topic,

Rocket and Courgette, have got the most jazziest names ever!

Rocket (Arugula) and Courgette (Zucchini),

Arugula and Zucchini sound like a 70's folk Band.

Their album arriving soon, 'Eggplant on my sneakers'

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