• Rachel White Gordon

The Sh*tty Whale

One great thing to see in Cape Cod has to be the Whales of the Atlantic Ocean.

When friends or family come to visit, it is always an activity that we love for them to experience.

Our friends Jen and Dave came over from Scotland,

Eager to experience what Cape Cod had to offer,

we had a special request for whales.

The summer is the best season to see these,

but some still stick around until October,

so we decided to see what we could do.

Daves parents very kindly took us all out on their boat, one autumnal Columbus day.

After seeing the sights of Provincetown from the water,

it was time to go on the search for whales.

In the summer it is not unusual to come across maybe 8 or so at once,

almost as if they know you want to see them.

This morning it would be a different story...

We sailed out to one of the normal spots ,

where whales were normally plentiful.

Yet, as we waited , there was nothing to be seen,

just the open ocean.

We tried another spot,

but yet again , it would be the ocean waves that we would see.

Having almost given up on the whales,

we decided to do some salt water fishing.

It was here as we were completely concentrating on the fishing line,

that a whale appeared to the right of the boat.

Jen exclaimed excitedly that there was a whale,

its fin cruising through the water in a humpback way,

'Where?!' Daves mum asked?

Jen pointed over to the whale,,

which looked small as it was far away,

'Oh That's a shitty whale!' Daves mother lamented,

crushing the excitement for Jen and Dave,

at the sight of the majestic creature.

We kept on the lookout,

yet they where no where to be seen,

so we kept on fishing.

We then decided to turn back,

and just before heading to the harbour,

we planned to pick up the lobster traps Dave's family had out in the sea.

As we were hoisting them one by one on to the boat,

we would check each pot for Lobsters,

sometimes there would just be badly tempered crabs,

in others there would be delicious lobsters.

Just as we had nearly forgotten about the whales,

Another one appeared in the close distance,

it bobbed up and down, showing its fin again,

it looked larger this time.

Jen and Dave looked hopeful that this whale was possibly a better sight than the other one,

It did look bigger, and definitely a hump back this time.

'Oh that's another shitty whale! ...2 shitty whales you have seen!' Dave's mum was not impressed by this whale sighting.

However, this whale did stick around for a few bobs of it's fin,

Then disappeared into the ocean,

to join it's other shitty whale friends.

A not so Shit whale

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