• Rachel White Gordon

The exploding pool

One night after work,

Dave excitedly told me he had a surprise for me.

He had found an above ground pool on craigslist for $200.

and he had it right there in the back of the truck.

It had been a crazy heat wave of a week and the thought of a pool was almost too good to be true.

Fast forward to the next day and construction begins on the pool.

We unpack the box and find metal sides and a liner.

This then had little clips that went around the side and were supposed to keep the liner in place.

This pool looked like it was missing a few pieces,

but we checked with the seller, and were assured it was all there.

So we set it up, clipped the liner into place and began filling it up.

This all seemed to be going well, we even taped 2 hoses together to make it fill up faster.

However, little did we know what this pool had brewing for us.

Dave set off for work,

and I was instructed to keep an eye on the pool as it filled up.

It was at this moment that warning bells began.

As I sat enjoying the sun and reading a book by the ever growing pool,

a long groaning sound emitted from the material.

'That's not good' I thought

I switched the water off in fear of a tear in this liner.

I told Dave when he got back..

unperturbed by my comments he put the water back on.

The pool kept growing and growing...

It soon came to the time when we had to be at one of our friends house.

We decided to keep the pool filling up, as it was near to being full,

and it would be 'ready' when we got back.

After an enjoyable time at Dave's family friends,

we headed back eager to see the pool,

we were both discussing how great it would be to jump in, after such a hot day.

We turned the corner, into our driveway.

We were greeted by pool debris everywhere,

clips more than 10 metres away from the site,

the metal poles broken into several parts,

spread across the yard,

a very flat liner,

and a garden full of water

The pool had exploded!

Our tenants had been there at the time,

and apparently it had happened just after we left.

They told us, they heard a big bang,

Unsure of what it was, they explored the garden.

They said water was up to their knees,

and debris everywhere.

Fresh with frustration and anger,

Dave would not talk to me until he had ordered a new , much stronger pool.

Angry with the seller, he used a much more reputable brand.

We have now been floating around in our new pool,

which has not exploded...yet.

Pictures of the exploding pool before it exploded, and the new replacement pool

The exploding pool before it exploded

Dave much happier in the new replacement pool

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