• Rachel White Gordon

The God Damn Heat

You may have heard on the news over the past week that the US got a bit of a heatwave.

I'm way too hot to even think about writing right now but I am going to try and power through...

Wish me luck

The heat this weekend got up to 36C/96F.

I mean what the actual hell.

Ways to survive in this heat

1. Completely submerge yourself in water and use your laptop on the side of the pool or on a table in the bath to complete work.

2. Do what Brady (our puppy) does, and pass out in the one room in the house that has air conditioning. Dave likes to sing this to a popular proclaimers song;

'When I wake up, well I know I'm gonna be, I'm gonna be the dog that wakes up in AC!'

3. Eat only cold food, such as salad, sushi and ice cream, and think about the good times, when you could eat all temperatures.

4. Float about in the Ocean until you feel you are part of the ocean.

5. Walk around one of the supermarkets here (they have very intense air conditioning in the summer) and remember what the winter was like with their powerful AC, possibly bring a coat...

Cya when it cools down....


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