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You cannot swim for new horizons until you have courage to lose sight of the shore.

Updated: Jun 17, 2019

So there i was, in Heathrow, waiting for my delayed flight to Boston to start my new life on the Cape Cod Seashore.

Me, a brit, thought about what this could mean. 'I'm definitely having champagne on this flight!' I thought.

While , I sat , I was nervous, what would this new adventure bring? What brought me here was my husband, an American, who had asked me to live with him in America. While an extremely exciting adventure, it came with the natural jellies, 'll just fly back up to Scotchland and have a nice cup of tea' was an option that crossed my mind.

I boarded the plane, poured my restorative champagne and wondered what the next year would bring.

In that moment everything changed. I was no longer living and working in Scotland, I was moving across the Atlantic to start a new life.

So what have I learned , a year on..

Americans, on the whole are very outgoing...

America, land of the free, home of the brave, and culturally very outgoing.

One thing to get used to right at the beginning is the distinctively different culture.

Brits are creatures of politeness and can be reserved.

Americans , from what I have observed are very outgoing and will chat to anybody.

A truth acknowledged once when my husband visited me in Scotland, and came to the doctor with me. A usually quiet waiting room, where people keep themselves to themselves, turned into a hub of discussion with the American centre stage. 'Are there Buffalo in Buffalo New York?' was one question.

This open friendliness always used to take me about 3 weeks to get used to. Be it casually talking to somebody in the grocery store, or having a full on discussion with somebody you just met at the beach.Sometimes I do daydream about standing in a queue back home, silently waiting, everybody keeping themselves to themselves, but on the whole it is a very good quality, and can be very welcoming.

Having been here a year I love the outlook on life, it is very get going and motivating.

The feeling that anything can be done.

Partly one reason I began this blog, other than to talk about my terribly interesting life, was that the mindset motivated me to begin a project that I have always wanted to do. I love to write and read a lot about other peoples experiences in life.

So here we go... here is mine...uh oh


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