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Brady the dog

Updated: Sep 14, 2019

A dog is a pretty wonderful thing.

We got Brady, a black labrador retriever on the 14th November 2018. At just 8 weeks old, he was so god damn adorable.

We had taken a trip up to Maine that November Wednesday to collect Brady.

For the previous 2 weeks , we had been brimming with anticipation about what this new addition would be like.

After meeting up with Daves family up there , we drove over to where we would pick him up.

As we walked through the door, Brady emerged wrapped in a towel and smelling like watermelon. He was very small and cute, we picked him up and he was very fluffy. We put him down on the ground and he would run around like a nut with his brothers and sisters.

The time came to take him back to the hotel , and after asking a few anticipatory questions we drove back to Waterville, where our hotel was. Brady was small enough to curl up on my lap without being in the way or too big, like he is now.

We took him back to the hotel room and got to know him. Teaching him his name and teaching us how to be dog parents. It was really great and he was very cute.

It took us a little bit of time to get used to this new addition. He fell asleep in the cage in the hotel room, so we decided to use the pool and the hot tub for 20 minutes while he was asleep.

This was maybe the worst idea either of us had ever had in our lives.

Walking back from the pool and feeling refreshed and calm, we got closer to the door and heard barking.

As soon as we opened the door , a terrible smell filled the room.

Yes, dog poo was something we were going to have to get used to rather fast!

It fell to Dave to change the towels in the crate, a task he, i'm sure, regrets to this day.

I washed the fresh puppy in the bath as he had gotten quite dirty in the process.

Brady looked at me with innocence, as Dave in the background was cursing the smell.

We washed him, dried him and rocked him back to sleep.

Something that I was going to get none of that evening.

Yes, every hour he would bark, and every hour I would take him out to the loo.

It was below freezing , but just when you thought it was safe to stay in, there would be a small sign (or puddle) to say you had to go out.

I left Dave to sleep as he was driving the next day back to Massachusetts,

This meant I saw the hotel building all through the different stages of night.

At 5am the pool workers were to begin their shift.

'Oh he's so cute!' they would coo, as I was heavily regretting getting a puppy.

But we survived... and Around lunchtime we set off back home to bring Brady to his new life.

He slept most of the car journey but as soon as we got on to the cape , he began to have a little more energy.

That night we got more sleep, but not too much more, Brady’s barking through the night would wake us from his crate!

''Your the one who wanted a puppy!' Dave would say helpfully.

And so our forage into puppyhood began....

I'm a dog called Brady

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