• Rachel White Gordon

Ants in your chips

Cape Cod gets a lot warmer in the summer than I am used to in Aberdeenshire,

and with that come warm weather bugs and insects.

My first experience with the different bug pests was with a bag of crisps/chips.

Around one month into moving to America,

we had left over crisps from a party, that we were sharing with our friend Richard.

The crisps had been stored in the pantry cupboard with the top rolled down and I had already poured one bowl to be shared.

This bowl had been devoured quickly,

and we were looking forward to further deliciousness.

It was when we poured the next bowl of crisps that we noticed a terrible problem.

In between the potato chips, there were small dark spots..

One of these dark spots started to move and suddenly I had a bad feeling in my gut , I knew something was wrong.

Richard didn't seem to mind and kept eating the crisps anyway, unbothered by what lay before us.

We suddenly realised these black spots were ants,

some dead, some alive, but nevertheless all over the bowl of crisps.

We balked at the idea that we had already had a bowl from the same packet,

except Richard , who was still there, devouring the bowl.

'Just a bit more protein' he reasoned.

I pointed towards the pantry and asked Dave to check the rest of the packet.

He looked inside, his eyes widened and he hurriedly shut the bag.

'Was it a lot?' I asked concerned...'How many?!' I asked with anticipation...

'A lot' Dave responded overwhelmed.

He quietly walked passed us, as he took the bag outside to the rubbish bin.

Never to be seen again.

This first experience was a huge shock for me , I had only ever encountered ants outside in Scotland,

and not in my crisps.

Unfortunately over the next year I would become very familiar with them.

Sometimes they just like to pop out of nowhere and surprise you on the kitchen counter, when you are meant to be making a meal,

completely taking your appetite.

Other times your dog has left their treat under the sofa, and when you pick it up , it is one big ant party.

Brady does however, like to try and eat as many attending this ant party as possible.

Fortunately we have found ways to lesser them and make sure to keep them away from the pantry.

They may be extra protein, but I am ok without ant flavour added to my crisps.

see you later...


ant chips
Crisps which could have ants in them

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